Save the Marriage Review

Save the Marriage is a self-help book containing a system on how to save a marriage. The renowned marriage counselor expert Lee Baucom Ph.D. is the author of the book. For 20 years, Baucom has been handing out professional advice to families and couples.

Save the Marriage – What to Expect

The book is actually a system containing four modules. Each of the modules functions as a support to one another. The synergistic relationship between these modules in the Save the Marriage system claims to be a one-stop source to recover and save marriage, regardless of the stage of the marital crisis and the situation. The core of the system is in module three, which provides a deeper understanding of the real cause of the marital problems and the approach to solving it. The system includes:

  • 5 top mistakes people commit when a marriage crisis arise
  • How to get past emotions and start acting
  • 8 stages of marriage crisis and how to assess what stage you are in
  • Approaches on each stage
  • Proven actions and methods to save your marriage
  • Secrets to a happy marriage
  • Why you should think twice on going through marriage counseling
  • How to establish true intimacy
  • …and many more

Save the Marriage is valued at $47.00 and for the price you will get the Save the Marriage system, along with the following bonuses:

  • Audio on how to cope with midlife crisis within a marriage
  • Audio on how to recover from an affair
  • Report containing 5 rules on how to argue fairly
  • A special book written by a couple containing details on how they saved their marriage
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Save the Marriage – Who is if Perfect For

Save the Marriage system is a comprehensive guide for married couples. It does not only focus on saving the marriage, but it also focuses on preventing marital problems and creating a happy and harmonious relationship. Save the Marriage revolves around three important aspects: why a marriage fails, how to save it, and how to create an ideal marriage.

The first part of the book provides a clear explanation why most traditional methods of marriage therapy fail. This part of the book is perfect for couples who have tried marriage counseling but ended up with a marriage more broken than before. There are also portions of the book that discusses power struggles and control issues within the marriage. If you are a couple, experiencing these types of problems in your marriage, then the book will be useful to you as it also provides approaches on how to deal with them. There are also topics on how to reestablish intimacy, deal with anger and varying viewpoints, and establish and respect boundaries, among others.

Save the Marriage also gives sensible advice on how to have a successful marriage. Regardless of whether you have marital problems or you simply want to attain the marriage of your dreams, you can find the concepts in this book useful

Save the Marriage Recommendation

Part of the charm of Save the Marriage book is the fact that it steers clear of outdated methods and instead focuses on the radical, yet proven ones. With the comprehensiveness in the way psychology of relationships and marriages is tackled, you would naturally expect to be lost. With this book, that is not the case.

The author did a terrific job in tackling difficult ideas by relaying it in a simple, straight-to-the point manner. The style of writing is not dry and academic, as what is usually expected from authors with a Ph.D. under their belt. Instead, Save the Marriage is surprisingly engaging and has a conversational tone. This book is definitely worth a read with its 90% success rate. It has helped a lot of people in many ways. However, if you find yourself not helped by the book, you can avail of the unconditional guarantee. With its BBB rating of A+, it is surely a risk-free purchase, as you have nothing to lose and more to gain.

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