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Magic of Making Up by T.W. Jackson is a self-help book containing THE recipe on how to win an ex back. According to the author, regardless of the reason for the breakup, most relationships can be saved. T.W. Jackson was straightforward in saying that he does not have a degree to back up the concepts he wrote in the book. Instead, what he offers is a book with methods and techniques backed by years of experience.

Magic of Making Up – What to Expect

The Magic of Making Up is exceptional in such a way that it takes your hand and guides you all the way through. When we say all the way through, we meant, from the moment you got your heart broken, all the way to getting your ex back by your side and creating and building a solid, healthy relationship from the rubbles. You can expect sections covering the following:

  • Techniques on how to instantly get out of an emotional rut following a break up, get past the grieving state and get your head back in the game
  • Telltale signs that will tell you if you still have a chance to get back with your ex
  • How to steal your ex back away from another girl
  • One thing that men wants more than anything—give it to them on a platter and you have their heart for as long as you want
  • What women want and if you cannot give it to them, she will go looking for it elsewhere
  • Knowing the perfect time to apologize and not to apologize
  • Quickest and easiest way to start over
  • Technique to establish instant reconnection
  • Best time to have sex during the reconciliation process
  • How to rekindle romance
  • …and many more

The Magic of Making Up is available for a price of $39.00. The book has a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Magic of Making Up – Who is if Perfect For

The Magic of Making Up has helped approximately 50,000 people in various countries around the world. If you are in the brink of a breakup or divorce or have already broken up with their partner, then you are sure to find this book useful. It doesn’t really matter what kind of relationship you are currently in, long distance, dating for a short time, dating for a long time, living together, married, married with kids, etc.—the concepts in the book covers all these.

The Magic of Making Up – Recommendation

The Magic of Making Up has a whole lot of ooh and aah moments. It tackles sensitive and delicate subjects with such freshness and simplicity that everything just seems to click. As straightforward and uncomplicated the techniques and methods are, every bit of it makes sense. It will even come to a point wherein you will tell yourself—Wow! This is so simple; I wonder why I did not think about it? It has such a common sense approach that you will ask yourself why such common things slipped your mind. The answer is simple. When you are hurting, you cannot think straight. That is where the book comes in.

Its first shining moment comes in, in its first few chapters—chapters where it focuses on speeding up your recovery process and getting you to that stage where you stop letting your emotions rule your action and let your mind do its job. Another praise-worthy part of the book is when the author reveals the secret in knowing what your ex feels and thinks about you. This is an absolute eye-opener. And of course, the meat of the book—the love map—a guide that will instruct you how to get your ex back and keep her or him by your side is exemplary as well. All in all, the book is full of sound ideas, leaving you without a doubt, one of the best tools there is to help you and your ex makeup.

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