Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back By Staying In Control

Some women act like a loved on has passed on when their boyfriend decides that he wants to leave. He may want to see other people, he may feel that the relationship has gone stale, or he simply may not be into you anymore. So after you have cried all your tears, eaten far too much Ben & Jerry’s and watched ludicrous amounts of romance films, you realize that it may not be too late to win him back. Of course you owe it to yourself to decide whether or not you want him back, but if you do, here’s how to proceed.

Control yourself

Secretly, (well not so secretly as it happens) guys love it when a woman grovels and begs for him to come back. In fact, many guys are quite arrogant about this sort of thing and actually expect women to lose control of their emotions and fall to pieces without them. The first thing you have to do is to defy convention (and stereotypes) by keeping your emotions in check. Act like nothing has happened and that he was not an important part of your life, even if deep down you believe that he is ‘the one’.

Avoid him like the plague

Part of this strategy is to ignore him completely. This means no texting, no emails, no love notes, no messages written in the sky by an airplane, nothing! For a short time at least, you must become an ice queen, immune to his charm. Stay away from places where he frequents, in short, you must be in the public eye about as often as Howard Hughes was as far as he is concerned.

You’re not home

Guys can be awfully predictable. After some time has passed, he will become curious. Wondering where you have gone and why you haven’t come calling him, begging to be his girl once more. Then he will start to make some moves. He will start texting or calling. This is where it gets difficult. You must maintain your cool façade and ignore him initially. By now, you have him where you want him and it’s time to reunite.

Stay cool

At this stage, you need to avoid a huge error that many women make. They are so delighted that their ex-boyfriend has got back with them that they immediately relinquish the power that they had by acting like a lovesick puppy the moment he returns. You should take it slowly and show him that you are a strong, independent woman that does not necessarily need him, but you have CHOSEN to be with him, not the other way around.


Remember, as hard as it is to be strong after a break up, this is precisely what you must do to win him back. By staying in control, you will show him that you are not some emotional wreck that can be manipulated by him. Guys hate being ignored, so by doing this, you will ensure that he is the one who comes crawling back.

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