Use The Power Of Change TO Win Your Ex-Wife Back

Once you have divorced your wife it seems like that chapter of your life is closed. Regardless of who initiated the proceedings, it seems like it would be easier to break into the White House than to have a reconciliation with your estranged wife. In short, it seems like an impossible mission and many men not only give up on their wife but also on themselves. It is common for divorced men to depend on vices like alcohol and drugs to fill the vast hole left by their ex-wife. The thing is, people get back together all the time, it’s just a case of wanting it badly enough.

You have to earn it

Even Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor got back together after what was a tumultuous first marriage. It may not have worked out second time around, but they always loved one another and if you truly love your wife and she feels the same, anything is possible. However, if you don’t truly want to go through what will be an almighty struggle to win her back, the perhaps you don’t deserve her in the first place.

Stalking is a no-no

It seems that men and woman try the exact same things once they break up or get divorced. They become obsessed and start constantly contacting their ex. Day and night they harass them in what could be legally termed ‘stalking’. Why anyone would think that ringing your ex-wife at 4am declaring your undying love after having drank a full bottle of scotch is a good idea is beyond me. You must behave in the exact opposite manner. Respect her wishes and leave her be for the time being. Just let her know that you will be there, ready to help if you need her.

Change can do you good

The modern man is expected to be more in tune with his feelings. The scratching yourself, behaving like a Neanderthal look is no longer sexy. If you want to win your ex-wife back, you need to reinvent yourself somewhat. After years of marriage you should know what she wants. Odds are, the reason why she left you is because you didn’t listen and thus, couldn’t fulfill her needs. Go back to when you got married. She loved that guy and somewhere along the line he went missing. While women evolve as they grow older, she will still want and expect the same fundamental things from you. Remember what you used to be like and show her that the man she loved has returned and loves her more than ever.


By showing her that you care enough about her to change, you will at the very least give your ex-wife a difficult decision. If she truly loves you, she will forgive you and happiness can once again be yours. If she does decide to give you another chance, grasp it with both arms and never give your beloved another reason to leave.

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